This post is-bluh! Happy 2018 goals!

Oh my goodness!! 2018 is almost here!!

Not going to lie I have deleted and rewrote my post at least three times already. I just can’t figure out what to write for this new year coming up. I want to work on being positive and write positive but you know what-life at times can suck! This blog is my out let-for good and bad in my life-but my problem is by the time my day is done my bed is whispering to me. It’s say ” you are tired, you don’t need to do the dishes. You have me all to your self for a couple of hours.” (For a couple hours because at some point one or both kids in up sleeping my bed) Of course the bed has a British accent- I know no one with this accent! Hehe! T.v makes it sexy. 🤣

So my Ultimate goal is to be a better writer with my blog but also to utilize my daily planner better!

Oh my goodness the year 2017 I have gotten out of my schedule tasks and not getting important things done. Do you ever feel like your every day life is a hot mess?!

My house is such a dis-Organized mess. I need to get it in order and de-clutter. I did not realize how much useless crap we acquired over the year. I bet if you went in to one room you would find one thing you are holding on to with out even realizing it.

I have missed doing some important calls because I am so dis-organized and it’s not good when these calls affect medical and Financial things for family. Need to work on this the most!

With my husband loosing his job (some how- it falls to me, sorry a bit bitter with this) I need to find a job. But not only finding a job but when I get one I have to work. That makes sense right….Get a job work it. The hard part is doing all that I have been doing and mix a job in to it. Hopefully I will get some help and not have to take care of all: paying bills, school appointments, Weekly therapists, doctor appointments (some over 2 hours away), chores, fixing meals, small home repairs, baths, bedtimes, medication, grocery shopping, and what ever else I do but can’t thing if right now!

A simple goal I want to accomplish is read some good books! What’s some of your favorite books- fiction, nonfiction, inspirational, self-help, what ever you like? I use to love to read and learn!

Well I am not really saying anything and my brain seems to be on strike to write! Such a boring posts right?

Hey! Have a good new year and stay safe!

Let’s all work on something this year! What is one of your ultimate goals for 2018?!

What did you say?? Autism!

Let’s talk about Autism for a minute.

Here is a little back ground. My daughter is 6 and was diagnosed with Autism when she was about 3 1/2. Now I know I don’t use Autism right when referring to my daughter. I some times say she has autism or she is autistic- this offends many people no matter what way you say it but I am not going to sit here and worry about that, if this offends you please move along.

When my daughter got diagnosed and many people said many things it made it hard so I dove in to reading everything, I am still learning and still reading but I am not going to get in to details right now- today it’s about parent to parent (or any other relationship) of Autism

A while ago I had a yard sell. An older couple stop by-of course my daughter is who she is- she hugged them and tried to talk to them (she has a big speech delay and some times no one can understand her). Now I take the time to try and educate people on autism because I don’t want people to think what she is doing is wrong or look down on another child that could possibly be autistic- understanding is key for many. Well they informed me that their grandson was Diagnosed a few days prior and there was NO WAY my daughter was autistic! All because she hugged them.

What did you just say??

I politely smiled and said just like typical kids autistic kids are different and have different levels and struggles. So we parted ways and moved on.

Now I would have not brought it up if something a few days ago did not happen.

I was waiting in line and saw the famous colored puzzle piece for Autism Awareness! So I said hi and reached out and said hi.

We chit chatted for a few minutes but then she started to tell me that children who do not get proper intervention in school before the age of five will be exactly the same as they get older. And in the same breath told me that they could develop autism by age 8 now not 2. ( lots of information for another time and to look more in to this) .

She continued to say that there are only 8 states that know how to properly “cure” autistic kids (there is no cure). That’s why she homeschools her child. I tried to interrupt her saying that she has come a long way in school but she told me I have nothing to compare it to. Then she Continued to tell me that this state I live in has ruined my child and she will never be more then she is.

What did you just say??!!

I told her I had to go. I didn’t know what to say I was in shock. What did another parent just say to me- this parent who has a child on the spectrum just like mine?

If your involved with a child who is autistic.. do not, I repeat, do not be condescending to another parent. It is hard enough to raise children let a lone adding a form of disability to it. Our children have different levels -the term spectrum means this. No kids will be the same just like typical kids.

Seriously how can one parent be so rude to another knowing we fight every day so our children can work in the world around them?

To tell another parent that their kid is not autistic because they don’t act the same as yours. To say that all the work you have put in to help your child to over come the most simplest struggles and they will never succeed is wrong!

We should be supportive of each other! Don’t make another autistic parent ask “what did you say?!”

Stop and think before you say anything- you have no clue what the struggles are- the small victories that parents rejoice over because it has taken so long for something most take for granite.

Remember Autism is a spectrum!

We need to stand together and fight for all children (typical or not). Do NOT pretend we are superior to another. We all are adults and we are teaching our kids how to act. Do we adults make mistakes.. sure do- all the time! Just take the time and be a little more considerate of another parent.

Don’t make ANY parent stop and think ..

What did you say?!

What am I going to do??

I was going to write something positive because my day was going fantastic!! I was in a happy mood, getting things done, setting goals, even my sons little fits at the stores where not throwing my game off!

Then my husband comes homes and delivers the news that he got laid off from his job! He has been working there for three years. A few of the other guys who have been there just as long got laid off as well- not the new employees.

Needless to say I am stressed. What are we going to do- how are we going to pay our bills? I have not worked in six years. Even now for me to go back to work will be hard. Both of the kids have so many doctors appointments and with their sleep apnea I don’t sleep much at times.

Husband has been looking for jobs since he got home but he is being very picky and it’s stressful for me. I know this is not his fault but I don’t know what I am to do- in my younger days I took charges and never had to depend on any one.

Finding a stay at home job is not easy, I have been trying for a few years. Any job he takes will be way less pay then what he was making.

We where just starting to get things paid off and making great progress.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings I guess.

I can’t be the only one who wants to scream from the stress of this bomb of news!

Getting caught up!!

So my goal was to write about.. who knows what at this point- I guess my life.

Feels like my life got a bit crazy since my very first post over a week ago!

High lights :

Got in to a car accident while backing out of a spot at Walmart! I was barley out of the parking spot before a crunch sound was heard. Not a thunk but a crunch- the kid went all the way on my side and when I hit him he kept moving and caused so much more damage! Thank goodness insurance cover it but hey deemed my fault. Go figure!

Kids and all their doctors appointments- that takes time. Those are stressful days twice a week kids have speech and add other appointments to it- lots of driving.

Almost missed my 6 year olds first holiday concert. I guess our school district no longer does the whole school puts on a concert in the evening so working parents can see their child. I happened to email her teacher a reminder that I was picking her up for her speech. Low and behold they where have a 20 minuet concert for family on half hour. I was so up set-I rushed to safely get there and got to see the whole first grade do some lovely singing. Thankful I got some of it on video to show her dad. Teachers forgot to let me know because she is in two classes and they just assumed the other told me. Mixed feelings about this whole thing- What Else have I missed of hers?

So my new goal is to try and take older furniture and use chalk paint to give them a new look and make a little money! I hoping I can do it.

Since I am a stay at home mom I am always trying to find a way to bring in money. I have tried those blogs that say they have legitimate ways to make money and give you a list. I will have to go in depth about that another day. I wanted to do real estate but that takes a small fortune to get started. I have even thought about going back to school try and find a job to work from home- still thinking about that (will let you know what I decide) the. There is the blogging that you can make a good amount of money on. I am not sure how people do it- they give tips and stuff by every one is different. I would love to make money off of writing my thoughts down but I am not holding my breath. I still don’t understand how that is possible.

For now I am going to just write because this is a good way to find me and who I am. If I can reach some one to know they are not alone that’s worth more then any money right?

So main goal! Keep writing EVERY day about my thoughts and day. Some one else has to be going threw something similar!

Heads up!

Thank you for reading.

Welcome To My First Post: Intro

I am Just starting out. I have no clue what I am doing on Blogging. My goal on this is to just write about my every day life. I have many struggles and I know I can not be the only one. I am just trying to get my thoughts out and Just let others know you are not alone. You may not relate to what I am going threw on everything but maybe know of some one who can and you want to be supportive. Support is very much needed and its not always available. For me this is a kind of therapy.  I will be posting the good thing and bad thing of my life. My thoughts, my struggles, my family and so much more of every day life. I am going to let this page take me in the direction that is needed. I have no clue what I am doing, LOL!! Please enjoy! Here is a bit of myself.

(Disclaimer: This page may not be Politically Correct, proper grammar or spelling, may be harsh at times and somethings may work for me but not others-for example: using coupons.)

I have been married since 2009 and have two kids. A 6 year old girl who is Autistic with other things going on in her life. A 2 year old boy who possibility has Apraxia and other things. I have a cat and a dog as well as a house.  I will be filling in more as I go about family and such 🙂

Welcome to Amtheonly1!!