Getting caught up!!

So my goal was to write about.. who knows what at this point- I guess my life.

Feels like my life got a bit crazy since my very first post over a week ago!

High lights :

Got in to a car accident while backing out of a spot at Walmart! I was barley out of the parking spot before a crunch sound was heard. Not a thunk but a crunch- the kid went all the way on my side and when I hit him he kept moving and caused so much more damage! Thank goodness insurance cover it but hey deemed my fault. Go figure!

Kids and all their doctors appointments- that takes time. Those are stressful days twice a week kids have speech and add other appointments to it- lots of driving.

Almost missed my 6 year olds first holiday concert. I guess our school district no longer does the whole school puts on a concert in the evening so working parents can see their child. I happened to email her teacher a reminder that I was picking her up for her speech. Low and behold they where have a 20 minuet concert for family on half hour. I was so up set-I rushed to safely get there and got to see the whole first grade do some lovely singing. Thankful I got some of it on video to show her dad. Teachers forgot to let me know because she is in two classes and they just assumed the other told me. Mixed feelings about this whole thing- What Else have I missed of hers?

So my new goal is to try and take older furniture and use chalk paint to give them a new look and make a little money! I hoping I can do it.

Since I am a stay at home mom I am always trying to find a way to bring in money. I have tried those blogs that say they have legitimate ways to make money and give you a list. I will have to go in depth about that another day. I wanted to do real estate but that takes a small fortune to get started. I have even thought about going back to school try and find a job to work from home- still thinking about that (will let you know what I decide) the. There is the blogging that you can make a good amount of money on. I am not sure how people do it- they give tips and stuff by every one is different. I would love to make money off of writing my thoughts down but I am not holding my breath. I still don’t understand how that is possible.

For now I am going to just write because this is a good way to find me and who I am. If I can reach some one to know they are not alone that’s worth more then any money right?

So main goal! Keep writing EVERY day about my thoughts and day. Some one else has to be going threw something similar!

Heads up!

Thank you for reading.

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