What did you say?? Autism!

Let’s talk about Autism for a minute.

Here is a little back ground. My daughter is 6 and was diagnosed with Autism when she was about 3 1/2. Now I know I don’t use Autism right when referring to my daughter. I some times say she has autism or she is autistic- this offends many people no matter what way you say it but I am not going to sit here and worry about that, if this offends you please move along.

When my daughter got diagnosed and many people said many things it made it hard so I dove in to reading everything, I am still learning and still reading but I am not going to get in to details right now- today it’s about parent to parent (or any other relationship) of Autism

A while ago I had a yard sell. An older couple stop by-of course my daughter is who she is- she hugged them and tried to talk to them (she has a big speech delay and some times no one can understand her). Now I take the time to try and educate people on autism because I don’t want people to think what she is doing is wrong or look down on another child that could possibly be autistic- understanding is key for many. Well they informed me that their grandson was Diagnosed a few days prior and there was NO WAY my daughter was autistic! All because she hugged them.

What did you just say??

I politely smiled and said just like typical kids autistic kids are different and have different levels and struggles. So we parted ways and moved on.

Now I would have not brought it up if something a few days ago did not happen.

I was waiting in line and saw the famous colored puzzle piece for Autism Awareness! So I said hi and reached out and said hi.

We chit chatted for a few minutes but then she started to tell me that children who do not get proper intervention in school before the age of five will be exactly the same as they get older. And in the same breath told me that they could develop autism by age 8 now not 2. ( lots of information for another time and to look more in to this) .

She continued to say that there are only 8 states that know how to properly “cure” autistic kids (there is no cure). That’s why she homeschools her child. I tried to interrupt her saying that she has come a long way in school but she told me I have nothing to compare it to. Then she Continued to tell me that this state I live in has ruined my child and she will never be more then she is.

What did you just say??!!

I told her I had to go. I didn’t know what to say I was in shock. What did another parent just say to me- this parent who has a child on the spectrum just like mine?

If your involved with a child who is autistic.. do not, I repeat, do not be condescending to another parent. It is hard enough to raise children let a lone adding a form of disability to it. Our children have different levels -the term spectrum means this. No kids will be the same just like typical kids.

Seriously how can one parent be so rude to another knowing we fight every day so our children can work in the world around them?

To tell another parent that their kid is not autistic because they don’t act the same as yours. To say that all the work you have put in to help your child to over come the most simplest struggles and they will never succeed is wrong!

We should be supportive of each other! Don’t make another autistic parent ask “what did you say?!”

Stop and think before you say anything- you have no clue what the struggles are- the small victories that parents rejoice over because it has taken so long for something most take for granite.

Remember Autism is a spectrum!

We need to stand together and fight for all children (typical or not). Do NOT pretend we are superior to another. We all are adults and we are teaching our kids how to act. Do we adults make mistakes.. sure do- all the time! Just take the time and be a little more considerate of another parent.

Don’t make ANY parent stop and think ..

What did you say?!

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