This post is-bluh! Happy 2018 goals!

Oh my goodness!! 2018 is almost here!!

Not going to lie I have deleted and rewrote my post at least three times already. I just can’t figure out what to write for this new year coming up. I want to work on being positive and write positive but you know what-life at times can suck! This blog is my out let-for good and bad in my life-but my problem is by the time my day is done my bed is whispering to me. It’s say ” you are tired, you don’t need to do the dishes. You have me all to your self for a couple of hours.” (For a couple hours because at some point one or both kids in up sleeping my bed) Of course the bed has a British accent- I know no one with this accent! Hehe! T.v makes it sexy. 🤣

So my Ultimate goal is to be a better writer with my blog but also to utilize my daily planner better!

Oh my goodness the year 2017 I have gotten out of my schedule tasks and not getting important things done. Do you ever feel like your every day life is a hot mess?!

My house is such a dis-Organized mess. I need to get it in order and de-clutter. I did not realize how much useless crap we acquired over the year. I bet if you went in to one room you would find one thing you are holding on to with out even realizing it.

I have missed doing some important calls because I am so dis-organized and it’s not good when these calls affect medical and Financial things for family. Need to work on this the most!

With my husband loosing his job (some how- it falls to me, sorry a bit bitter with this) I need to find a job. But not only finding a job but when I get one I have to work. That makes sense right….Get a job work it. The hard part is doing all that I have been doing and mix a job in to it. Hopefully I will get some help and not have to take care of all: paying bills, school appointments, Weekly therapists, doctor appointments (some over 2 hours away), chores, fixing meals, small home repairs, baths, bedtimes, medication, grocery shopping, and what ever else I do but can’t thing if right now!

A simple goal I want to accomplish is read some good books! What’s some of your favorite books- fiction, nonfiction, inspirational, self-help, what ever you like? I use to love to read and learn!

Well I am not really saying anything and my brain seems to be on strike to write! Such a boring posts right?

Hey! Have a good new year and stay safe!

Let’s all work on something this year! What is one of your ultimate goals for 2018?!

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